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60 capsules Box
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120 capsules Jar
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YAM EXTRACT contributes to nutritional
perimenopause support and helps reduce hot flushes

Provides omega 3+6+9 and natural anti-oxidant
vitamin e

Provides seaweed minerals and glyconutrients
useful over 40

MENOLISTICA® provides essential and specific help, so that women of forty years old and over may uphold an optimum physical shape and energy, which in turn, is a source of happiness and good mood. Therefore, it is possible to continue living a full bloom femininity. MENOLISTICA was designed by women for women.

MENOLISTICA offers 2 families of precursor nutrients to the body at the same time, especially useful to women over forty. Therefore, their body can decide on the transformation of these nutrients itself, according to the needs at the time. This original formula, which is judiciously dosed in its nutritional composition was also developed in observance with the concepts of the energy tradition, both in the quality selection and in the compatibility of its ingredients.


Fish gelatin (capsule), cold-pressed deodorized borage oil (seed) (Borago officinalis), yam total extract at 16% of diosgenin (rhizome) (wild yam: Dioscorea oppositifolia), humectant: glycerin, sunflower oil (seed) (helianthus annuus), dried fucus (algae) (Fucus vesiculosus), wild fish oil (flesh), dried sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca), first cold-pressed olive oil (fruit) (Olea europaea), thickener: beeswax, vitamin E natural source.
May contain traces of molluscs and crustaceans.

Directions for use

3 capsules per day according to age and while eating. It is sometimes advised to alternate periods of 3 weeks of supplementation with a 1 week break. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Do not use if blister is broken. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are breast feeding, pregnant or planning to become pregnant. A varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important. This is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute.
Other products recommended for women : Omegaline and Oligophytum.

Natural origin components

Huile de Bourrache

Borage oil

The name borage comes from Arab “abou-rach”, which means “the father of sweat” as it is traditionally known around the Mediterranean to help reduce the sensation of heat. The borage oil provides polyunsaturated Omega 6 fatty acids, traditionally use for skin care.


Total Yam Extract

Basic food for many people world-wide, Yam or Indian potato (whose name comes from the Guinean word which means “to eat”) is a root containing a vegetable substance, diosgenin. The Yam provides the body with nutrients which can help it maintain a booming femininity. The Yam also provides a better resistance to hot flashes and helps to better live the fifties.

Algues marines

Seaweed minerals

During this period of life, often punctuated by stages of stress, the body requires an additional mineral supplement. Thanks to their interesting profile at trace element (Source of Zinc) and mineral level, the focus and sea lettuce uphold general well-being. The seaweed is also well-known for its slimming effect, which is one of women’s major concerns during this period, where the body naturally tends to put on some weight.

Poissons sauvages

Fish oil

This quality oil has proven its nutritional interest, thanks to its high concentration of Omega 3 which participates in the circulation balance.



Oxidative stress is rising, especially from the forties, when women’s bodies are changing. This high quality vitamin E protects the borage’s essential fatty acids and the fish oil and participates in the protection of the cell membranes against oxidative stress.

(*3 caps a day = 100% of the Nutrient Reference Values for the expected beneficial effect of Vitamin E).